The Scrap Book

Presented by Le Grande W. Wagenen  

 Short Stories submited by your Ship Mates 

Submited by Bill Flora 
Submited by Clair Fletcher 
Submited by R.C. Hall 
Submited by L.L. Caldwell 
Submited by Buddy Rice 
Submited by John E. Mitchell 
Submited by Tony Sirabella 
Submited by D.L. Miller 
Submited by Jack Uretsky 
Battle of MidWay, Lost Letter  Some Photo's  Guardian Angel was on the job

For this ShipMate (Short Story ) Big Fish story (Short Story ) 1st Copter Rescue

Jesse LeRoy Brown, first African-American Naval Aviator

Jesse LeRoy Brown, Photo on board Leyte 1949

USS Leyte first and only M.O.H. Winners

Thomas Jerome Hudner Jr.

Presented by Le Grande W. Wagenen